The Victory pledge

I’m too anointed to be disappointed,
I’m too blessed to be depressed,
I’m too blessed to be stressed,
I’m too complete to be in defeat,
I’m too chosen to be frozen,
I’m too accepted to be rejected,
I’m too inspired to be tired,
I’m too victorious to be a victim
I’m too faithful to be fearful
I receive rather than achieve,
I’ve got a glide in my stride,
I’ve got a shout and I will not pout,
I will soar and I will not be a bore,
I shine and I will not whine,
I’m not in sin but “in Christ”, “I win”,
I believe and so I will receive,
I am not just surviving but I am thriving
I’m too far above to be beneath.
And the old adversary, Satan, is under my feet!

Come on In!

sunday morning worship

10:30 AM


7:00 PM